This course is meant to make you a professional Beauty Makeup-Up Artist. The course trains you on multiple looks. With hands-on practice, students will be able to perform these services professionally.

Courses Details
* Skin.
* Skin Analysis.
* Product knowledge.
* Skin problem and Disorder.
* Skin Lifting Treatment.
* Anti – pigmentation Treatment.
* Skin Rejuvenation Treatment.
* Anti – Acne Therapy.
* Paraffin Radiant Treatment.
* Hydrating Treatment.
* Ayurvedic Treatment.
* Vitamin C Treatment.


   This is an advanced course where basic, as well as advance knowledge, is given. People new to this industry can also join as everything is taught from scratch. This course is best suited for people who aspire to be a beautician, beauty therapist.

Ability to read and write one of English/Hindi is mandatory. Minimum schooling up to 12th is preferred for most connected courses to use the course material and take the written test.


  There is a written test at the end of the training and an assessment of the services done on the models – both in terms of the technical aspects of the service done as well as the time taken to deliver it.

Students need to clear with the minimum passing grade in order to be eligible for the course certification.