Mansi Kedar

Your hair goes through a lot of products, tools, heat styling and brushing. Before you know it, your hair starts to show signs of damage, from split ends to frizz to thinning of hair even dull and damaged.

The bright side is you can reverse the damage. There are some things that you can do to maintain the health of your hair.
Hair should be washed as often as needed, but if you wash your hair every day you risk stripping your hair of its natural oil that keeps it protected. Try using a hydrating shampoo that will keep the moisture balance in your hair.
Using a conditioner is a must as it nourishes your hair and also adds shine.

A deep conditioning hair spa helps protect your hair from damage and prepares your hair for battle against all the factors and seals the cuticle and prevent breakage.

Heat styling your hair frequently can cause damage and can take the shine out of the hair. No matter what, always use a heat protector. It proactively protects hair from heat damage and keeps hair from becoming dry.

At the salon, you should always get a haircut every two to three months to keep your ends healthy. Don’t overdo chemical treatments and always opt for a deeply nourishing treatment post any chemical service like colour, smoothening etc.

Moreover, listen to and trust your stylist, they usually know what’s best for your hair.